Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in Review

Total miles: 592.2
91 miles walking
501.2 miles running


The original goal was 500 miles total. Turns out I just did that (and more) in my running sessions. I did the most walking in January, and it leveled off in August.

My most productive month total was April with 61.2 miles, while December had the longest miles for running sessions with 59.3 miles.

SHM Virtual Cumulative Half Marathon
I Tink I Can (Virtual)
Princess in Training (Virtual)
3W Heart Throb (Virtual)
Rhythm & Blues 5K
Color Run
Color Me Rad
Hetherington Fun Run
SBEF Running for the Arts 1K
Texas Flower Country Women's 10K
Electric Run
MRTT Running Mad
Katy 10
Firefly Run
Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes
TXU Energy Turkey Trot
Color in Motion
(There were a couple more virtuals in there, but I think I paired them with training runs)

I almost ran at least a race a month, which was the original goal.

I am finding myself turn away from virtual races (although the medals are so very, very pretty) and novelty races (enough with the color, already!). Whenever possible, I reach for the 10K rather than the 5K.

Ima gonna need this.
I'm seeing a definite mental shift in my running. Something happened when my gallbladder exploded--starting from zero somehow meant no more excuses. I completed both the Couch to 5K and the Couch to 10K; now I can run a little over an hour continuously. Which means whenever I want to walk before it's really time, I can usually talk myself out of it. Usually.

I'm suddenly very self-conscious about how slow I am, though. It's a push to keep up a less than 12 minute mile. A couple people have pointedly called me a jogger because of this, and that stings. Really, like I'm not hard enough on myself without help. Doesn't the distance make me "legit"?

One habit I seem to have taken up is to ditch listening to stuff and simply be present while I'm running. I had trained for the 10K in May listening to music the entire time, so that when I was at the race, it seemed interminable. Plus, recovering from surgery also pulled me more into experiencing the moment. Plus, I've had a couple of spooky moments during morning runs that make me want to be more aware of what's going on.

The other habit I've been trying to cultivate is adding in some cross-training. I have found a weight-work video that kicks my ass, but I notice much more support in my core when I'm running. I'd like to add in some yoga as well, but I haven't found a video that works for me. I should probably look into a class, but I admit that I'm scared of being fat-shamed (which I know is weird but not unfounded). Maybe I'll make that a resolution.

Not that it's about the weight, but I lost a ton when I had surgery ... and then gained a bunch back. Still, my size 18s are loose, and I'm wearing jeans that I almost gave away a long time ago. I still eat like crap, though. Mister (who does a majority all of the cooking) flirted with veganism for a while. I just like cheese too much.

Speaking of my surgery, I think I can call myself fully recovered. It's still a little numb around my scar (I expect the nerve damage will take quite some time to heal yet), but when I do core work, it feels like working-out hurt instead of regular hurt. My digestive system has mostly sorted itself out.

Luna is shaping up to be a really good dog as well as a good running companion.

I was looking for wonders in 2013. I think I may have found a few.