Saturday, March 30, 2013

Race Report: Color Me Rad

Charity: Special Olympics of Texas

Finish Time: No blessed idea

I was more nervous about this race than I have been for a long time. Part of it was going to a location that I didn't know very well, and parking issues worried me greatly. Part of it was the fact that I had so many people joining me. I was worried about finding everyone, pacing ... I really wanted everyone to have a good time.*

Librarians don't get much hotter.
Despite my worries, we all gathered together. Our troop of dads minded the Girlie Fest while we got into line. Groups of runners were let through about every five minutes, making it feel a lot like waiting in an amusement park. We were chatting along when we heard the announcer say, "First, you'll go across the bridge ..."

Bridge?! Why did there have to be a bridge?

When we finally got going, we tended to divide into tortoises and hares (I'm decidedly a tortoise at this point). Once over the bridge, the course was pretty flat and took us around Reliant Park in places that I don't remember ever seeing before (although there was still lingering scents from the Rodeo). Three color stations that I remember. My hand got a puddle of yellow, so I slapped it on my face Celtic warrior style.**

I have no idea how fast we were going because I made the conscious decision to turn off my Runkeeper. It was twitchy at first, but every now and again I have to remind myself to just be in the moment.

IMAG0869When we tortoises finished, the hares attacked us with color bombs--along with our families who were pretty multicolored themselves. When we went for donuts afterwards, a lot of the color didn't come off right away from my hands. With a lot of scrubbing, I seem to have come clean. Good thing, since blue, pink, and purple gathered on my arms in a way that made me look more than a little bruised.

Also, we have the parish photo tomorrow morning.

I know I've said it before, but for me, running is mostly a solitary activity. It's my time to recharge and think. That's all very well and good, but there's a place for community too--building up one another, taking in different perspectives.

IMAG0864 IMAG0865 IMAG0866 IMAG0867

Thank you, Team Chunky Wonder Woman, for running with me and being my community.


* Mister reminded me that these were all adults. There is a difference between being team captain and a mother hen.
** Or Uruk-hai if you're super nerdy.