Friday, March 1, 2013

February in Review

Miles Covered: 47.2
12 miles walking
35.1 miles running

If I were travelling from Hobbiton to Rivendell, it would be about Day 6. I would have left Tom Bombadill's house and entered the Barrow-downs.

3W Heart Throb (Virtual)
Rhythm & Blues

Run Free Marathon

When I get disappointed with my numbers, I have to remind myself that this was a short month. I've walked the dogs less at night. This past week I've been trying some weight work on my non-running days. I know I need to add some yoga at least once a week too. If I did all that and walked the dogs at night, it might kick-start some weight loss again. For one brief shining moment, I flirted with 189 lbs. (There. I said it.)

Food journal has been a bust. I'm just not into it, can't force myself to do it. With so many things pressing for my attention, I'm letting it go for now. Just trying to make better choices. And failing.

I'm going to stop talking weight now.

I ran into my high school biology teacher on Facebook this month; he was also the cross-country track coach. He was asking me if I'm such a runner now, why didn't I run track then? I didn't want to get into the whole hating-my-body-always-picked-last-jock-hierarchy mindset that paralyzed me in the Non-athlete category for decades.

At the same time, I'm hearing my daughter complain that she's "the slowest in [her] class." While I'm trying to tell her that finishing is what's important, I know in my heart that Fast beats Finish when you're young. Finish is a realization that comes when you're older and realize that most of it doesn't really matter anyhow.

Sometimes it sucks to be young.

Meld into all of this that I received an Athleta catalog this week. I'm flipping through the beginning pages full of bikinis wondering why I got it to begin with ... Momma's used to getting plus-size catalogs, after all. Then, I get to the running gear, and I remember: oh, yeah, huh.

It's all such a new mindset; I wonder if I will ever truly get used to it.