Sunday, March 31, 2013

March in Review

Miles Covered: 54.4 miles
15.5 miles walking
38.9 miles running

If I were travelling from Bag End to Rivendell, it would be Day 9 of the journey. We would have made it to Bree, met Strider, had the ponies stolen, and be heading on the East Road.

The Color Run
Color Me Rad

First off, my Facebook page has over 120 Likes! Happy dance!

I've settled on the 10K option of my May race (although I haven't registered yet). It will be a lovely Mother's Day gift, and I have a deep love of Texas wildflowers; I'm hoping the scenery will help with my motivation.

I started the training this past week in earnest--an easy run/walk plan. Because of the time crunch (and my current level), I started at Week 3. Really, that is about right. I'm still working out the training schedule. I prefer to run Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday (although that was thrown off this week). I've started joining a work buddy on Wednesday mornings for Kinect Zumba. I've tried the heavy bag in our back yard. We also have some new Sandbells. The possibilities for cross-training are endless, as long as I keep on track.

I will also be getting a 5K race in during a professional conference at the end of April. I'm hoping to make a good showing. Since my Team Tough Chik singlet finally arrived, it will be a good opportunity to wear it. The singlet is not quite the colors I expected, and I will have to think through the outfit in its entirety. Because that's what I do.

I'm also feeling a sea change in my personal/professional life. Without going into too many details, I've been feeling overwhelmed, tired, sad. While running has helped keep me from drowning, these feelings have been huge. But lately I've been dwelling on the power of compassion and kinship, as well as trying to focus personal vision, being in the moment, embracing gratitude and joy.

Spring has come, and I intend to run through it.