Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today's Run OR Fighting Back

The past week or so I just haven't been hitting it as hard. Part of it has been giving in to PMS--my joints tend to get super loose and tender during this time, and I'm afraid of injury. So, as far as my activities go, I had slowed things down--long evening walks with the dogs, gentle yoga.

That would have all been okay if I hadn't been eating like a crazy person and letting my sweet tooth reign. On top of that, I've been finishing up a several month training program by spending this past week sequestered in a conference room for eight hours straight each day working on a presentation. I'm not used to being that sedentary that long during the work day. And someone brought cookies ... lots of them.

So, yeah, although it's not about the weight and although I've been maintaining around 191 lbs., I know that I have to get a bit of religion again. Since today was my day off, I was determined to get a decent workout in. Mister joined me for the run as participant rather than coach. I should say "run" because there was a lot of walking. A lot. We only got 4.5 miles done.

"Only"? Am I really saying "only"? I guess I am. I should be proud of how far I've come rather than berate myself. But when I'm considering a 10K with a two hour time limit in May, I know I'm going to have to step up my game and soon.

2013-03-14 13.07.45_0_Anyhow, after our outing, Mister suggested working at the heavy bag in the back yard. A (very) long time ago, he had bought me some pink hand wraps as an enticement because you might have guessed that I can be coerced into many activities if I can wear cute things. I figured I owed him--and myself--to give it a try.

2013-03-14 13When Mister said I was too timid about it, he is right. I was nervous about not knowing what I was doing, about doing something wrong. I was afraid of hurting myself, afraid of breaking the equipment. (Don't get me started with the speed ball. That just freaked me out.) I did a one minute round while feeling silly and scared a good portion of the time. Then again, I run races dressed as Wonder Woman--I can get over the scared.

Will I do it again? I've got cute pink hand wraps, so you bet!

All in all, a good day off. I'm sore all over--shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs. I vow to do better with the running and add in the new activity of the boxing. I ate fairly cleanly (although I will probably have a beer tonight).

There's no shame in falling as long as you get back up and keep fighting.