Sunday, March 24, 2013

Unexpected Race Report: Color Run

Charity: Expedition Balance

Finish Time: 0:49:30 (according to my GPS, this was actually closer to 4 miles; the actual 5K was completed in 0:39:44)

Do you ever get the feeling that the Universe wants you to run?

Before the race
I had a lot of plans for this weekend that got scrapped due to logistics--one of the Navy Marathon races, Neon Splash Dash ... ultimately, I thought I would just hang out with my girl, do some housework, whatever. But then one of my friends needed someone to run with. It worked out that her dad could stay with Miss, so I offered my company.

Clara is what the Kids Today call a Cool Chick (is that what the Kids Today say?)--a fellow parishioner, sometimes babysitter, and talented actress (congrats on getting into HSPVA!) She was a pleasure to go with--great conversationalist, kept a great (but not impossible or uncomfortable) pace. She was very patient with the Old Lady. I can't speak for her, but I had a great time.

An art project by one of the runners;
she asked us to write on her back
our answer to the question
(Can you find mine?)
The course itself utilized a closed freeway ramp. That means hills--mostly slow inclines instead of the sudden dips of Allen Parkway. I think I remember 4 or 5 color stations (either powder or liquid). According to my GPS, the course was longer than 5K--more like 3.95 miles; I ran more than I normally do, and I could have kept going.

This was a great race for tutus and costumes. Saw a Batman and Iron Man (masks only). Some togas. Never got close enough to the Runacorn (the unicorn mascot) to take a proper picture.

Since I have another color-throwing-type race next week, here's what I learned:

  • This is not a "serious" race by any means. Yes, untimed. More than that, there were so many people that when we could run, we had to do a lot of bobbing and weaving. If you are one of my runners who is afraid of not being "trained," you'll do just fine. You will be surrounded by walkers with a ton of walkers behind you.
  • People slow way down and queue up for the color stations. Like a water station, you don't have to stop at the first offering; keep going, and there will be someone else to slap you with color.
  • The color gathers in a lot of unexpected creases. I found a lot of wrinkles I didn't know I had, and my daughter called my face "creepy." I found a lot of green in my ears later as well.
After the race and being attacked
by my Miss.
I had hoped that we would finish in time to get to church afterwards (and I think Clara made it), but my Little Miss lollygags and dawdles so much that by the time we pulled out of the parking lot, services had well and truly started. Plus I was kind of stinky. So we headed for home. Sort of. We did detour for donuts ... where we ran into another Color Runner. (Insert knowing laugh here.) After I got clean, we dyed eggs, which seemed appropriate.

IMAG0846As for getting my clothes clean, any liquid color that was used is still there (but very pale--a lovely lavender). I'm probably not going to wear my star skort next week for fear that it gets ruined. I will have to think of another option. One last tip for next week: I wore older shoes, and I'm glad of it since my daughter doused me in powder at the end.

Thank you, Universe, for the opportunity to run this week. I'm excited about doing this all over again next week!