Thursday, March 7, 2013

Random Thoughts While Attending Family Fitness Night at Little Miss's School

- We were greeted by several girls who would guide us through the stations and answer questions. They were eager but wouldn't stop talking and got in the way of the sign-up area--so kind of like our Miss right now, only older. I watched Mister's eyes glaze over--my grandmother had an apt saying: "It's a long road that doesn't turn."

- Zumba kicked my bootie! I thought I had rhythm, but I was very, very, VERY wrong. All y'all who do that on a regular basis (or at all, for that matter)--my hat's off to you!

- My BP was 120/84 (after a little bit of relaxing from the Zumba). My glucose was 104. This pleases me.

- Unsweetened carob chips are made of the despair, self-loathing, and a little bit of vomit.

- On the other hand, beet brownie bites are made of unicorn kisses and delight!

- I met a coach who had spent 8 years in the Army, and a large portion of that time in Iraq. When he came home, his kids didn't know who he was. I am reminded how lucky we've had it as Mister is finishing up his Reserve work with the Navy.

- Thanks to the Boot Camp station, I think Mister is ready to have a torrid affair with Sandbells. I have to admit that I even really liked playing with them (and I hate weight work). They land with a very satisfying thump when you toss them, and they lend themselves well to working with a partner (like using a medicine ball--which I also dislike). But seriously, I caught Mister pricing them out when we got home.

- I had no less than four women comment on how "precious" and "sweet" Mister is, mostly for how he walks Miss to the door each morning and sends her off with hugs, kisses, and encouragement. I told Mister that I think this put him on the Hot Dad List--or at least a Good Dad List, which is pretty hot in my book. Either way, his ego's a titch embiggened.

- Somehow we got on the radar to be on the PTA (or at least one of the committees). I'm blaming Mr. Hot Dad.