Saturday, March 23, 2013

Team Chunky Wonder Woman Assemble!

Color Me Rad is a week out. You can still participate as a runner, volunteer, or spectator! Please follow the link for general race deets. This post, however, is specifically for my team (or those who love my team).

1. You should have received an e-mail from the organizers re. packet pick-up, parking, maps, etc. If you haven't received that yet, please contact me so I can send the info along (although all the information is on the Web site itself).

2. Our wave is at 9:20AM. I am planning on being there about an hour early to account for parking ($10 cash, unless you are planning on arriving before 8AM--which I am not), settling in, etc. I would like to do a team picture at 9AM.

3. Plan to be covered in color--which is kind of the point.

  • Wear white or light colors primarily.
  • Bring a change of clothes or a towel so you don't cream out your car on the way home.
  • Be prepared to tuck away electronics from the colored dust. I'm using my Spi Belt (and maybe a plastic bag as well).
  • Don't forget I have socks to give away!!!
  • I will also have WW temporary tattoos for thems that wants em.

4. Go at your own pace! If you feel like running, run. If you feel like walking, walk. I see no need for the team to stick together the entire time. This group has varied abilities, race experiences, injuries, etc. I suspect that I will probably be the slowest of the lot. It would be nice if you waited at the end and kept your color bomb for when we all are across the finish line.

5. However, you MUST RUN during the following:

  • When you cross the Starting Line--you'll be happy with a strong start.
  • When you see a photographer. You'll be happier with your official race pics if you look like you're working it. Also SMILE! 
  • When you cross the Finish Line. (Mister always makes me really push it those last few yards, and I'm always glad I do.)
6. Bring your joy. This will be Easter Saturday; in the Christian tradition, we pull out our Hallelujahs at sunset that we've had tucked away for 40 days. I can tell you that these past two weeks have been less than pleasant--work stress, special projects, back pain, intestinal distress (oh the TMI!). I know a lot of people who are going through some less than pleasant things as well. However, I'm going to remind you of what you already know: you are Wonder Woman (or the superhero of your choice). You are strong. You are amazing. Let's celebrate that together.

May you find an unexpected blessing this week. I can't wait to see you on Saturday!