Saturday, February 2, 2013

UnRace Report: Run Free Race

I dreamed I ran a marathon ...

Charity: Groupon

Finish Time: 2:53:36

What a gorgeous day for a run--70s and clear! Very green course in many neighborhoods.

Of course, this being a marathon, I had to suit up.

And, of course, my family was there to support me. Little Miss was so excited to see her mommy run

I can't believe what great time I was making ... it was hardly like running at all!


The water stations were well placed. Although I think one of the sponsors heard something other than "run."

 I can't say that I minded.

All in all, a strong finish.

Who knew that the combination of wishing and hoping (what the experts call "visualization") and cake (what the experts call "carb-loading") would pay off! Time to put the self-righteous sticker on the car!

Alas, it was just a dream ... or was it?!?!

Happy Groundhog Day!