Friday, February 1, 2013

January in Review

Miles Covered: 60.1
26.8 miles walking
33.3 miles running

If I were travelling from Hobbiton to Rivendell, it would be Day 3--I would have reached the area of the Marish with fields, meadows, hedges, gates, and drainage dikes. The cry of a Black Rider has been heard a couple miles back during lunch.

Sandy Hook Memorial Cumulative Half Marathon (Virtual)
I Tink I Can 5K (Virtual)
Princess in Training 5K (Virtual)

It was just a year ago (probably right around this date, if I'm reading my Runkeeper data correctly) that I just started walking regularly. Or thinking about walking regularly anyhow, as all I see recorded for the month is 1.2 miles. It's cliche, but I really have come a long way, baby. When I finally did make the decision to exercise regularly, it was to improve my mental health rather than manage my weight. I have to say that I am still of that opinion, and it has made a difference.

Speaking of weight, I posed a question on my Facebook pageI've always been up-front about my age, but I'm thinking about coming clean in regards to my weight. Like maybe a once a month picture with the caption "This is what #lbs looks like." Embarrassing or inspiring?

I'm really tired of that number having power over me and how I feel about myself, since we all know that: A) it's just a number; and B) there's always more to the story--my height, my fitness, etc. If I yell it loud and proud, then maybe I can move on (and it gives me accountability not to let it creep the other way). The best argument I've gotten against doing this is that once it's on the Internet, it is there FOREVER. It also opens me up to a lot of trolls. 

I'm always looking for people with stories like mine to keep me going. I tried to read Run Like a Mother, thinking it would fill that need. But when one of the contributors was complaining that she was oh-so-overweight at, what, 150 lbs. or somesuch, I yelled, "Bitch, that's my goal weight!", and threw the book across the room. However, when the Slow Fat Triathlete writes about doing triathlons at 215lbs, I truly am inspired to get up and get going.

What would happen if I just admitted to the number? What if everyone did? Could we redefine what "fat" is?