Friday, February 22, 2013

Today's Run OR Rediscovering Joy

I'm in meetings at work this week with people I haven't seen in a while, and they are being very complimentary. They tell me I'm looking great, they are inspired ... Sweet, really.

Dancing puppy Luna girl
Of course, all the time I'm thinking about how much this week has been made of pure FAIL. I haven't done my food journal for over a week now, I've been making horrendous food choices to comfort myself, I've missed many work-outs for one reason or another. So, yeah, feeling like a fraud.

The other thing this week has been made of is meltdowns. I've been dealing with so many both at work and at home, that I thought I'd top it off by having an extremely unattractive one myself this morning.* I knew a run sometime today was mandatory.

Weird thing is that I've come to a place where I crave rather than dread running. It doesn't solve problems so much as puts me in a better headspace to see solutions. Or helps me escape them for a while. I also knew that Luna is less likely to be wandering around at night if I wear her out a little.

So with my white dog dancing and prancing, the Bollywood workout station blasting on Pandora, I rediscovered a bit of joy in the gloaming. Traffic was a pain in some areas. Some roofers spooked Luna. But I kept a decent pace for the most part. Mosquitoes are beginning to make an appearance, but so are some buds on trees. I came home singing, and the dog came home tired. I count this a good run.

Now, hopefully a good night's sleep will help set me back on track.

* Granted, I was awakened at 3AM by an opossum banging around in our attic and agitating the dog. I never really got to sleep after that.