Sunday, February 10, 2013

Race Report: Rhythm & Blues 5K

Charity: APHON, San Jose Clinic, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Legacy

Finish Time: 0:41:18 Personal Record!!!

While I do take the time to run on Sunday mornings, I usually don't consider Sunday races an option since we try to attend church fairly regularly. This race, however, had some appeal. I figured if the race starts at 8AM and I take 45 minutes to finish (more or less), I could be home by 9:30; shower, cram breakfast, in the car by 10AM, in the pew by 10:30. Only doable, however, if I went by myself, and Mister and Miss took care of each other.

Crazy. Oh, yes. But Mister agreed to it in his most loving, enabling way.

If you can't run fast, run cute.
I was ready and in the car at 6:30 since I knew I had to worry about parking, walking to the site, getting my t-shirt, bag check, etc. There was a costume contest, but they wanted it tied in with the R & B theme. I couldn't figure out how to meld that with my personal Wonder Woman symbolism, so I just went all blue. (I personally thought it was kind of goddess-y with the silver moon and stars.) Great response to the outfit! I was surprised how many people got the whole WW thing; I'm guessing it's the iconic skirt that suggested it. One kid did ask where the red was; I told him it was all about the Blues!

I would have totally lost the costume
contest to these guys! Amazing!
It seemed like forever waiting for things to get started, and I wasn't impressed with the porta-potty situation.  I also wished there had been more water stations on the route, but I enjoyed the bands along the way.

I managed a really great pace overall. While I did walk, those intervals were not extended. First mile, of course, was amazing. Second mile, not bad. Third mile included one of the infamous Allen Parkway hills, but I managed. It also started sprinkling during the last mile, and by that time, that felt really good.

For the most part, I was using a big tank of a guy in a maroon shirt to keep pace. When he walked, I would pull ahead. When I walked, he would pull ahead. He finished before I did, but I wasn't far behind. When I ran into him afterwards at a water station, I thanked him for keeping me steady. He said that he was using me as his pace keeper. It felt good to help each other out. Then he told me that this was the first race he had done since his half marathon.

So I kept pace with someone who has run a half. Which means someday I could do a half. There's hope! There's hope!

I didn't feel like fighting crowds at the after-party (and couldn't really partake in the free beer--pity!), so I headed homeward for the second part of my race. I ended up home by 9:20 to a freshly cleaned family. I showered, ate the pancakes Mister made, and was in the car ready for church a little after 10 (although I almost forgot to brush my teeth). We were in the pew at the end of the Prelude and in time for announcements. Achievement unlocked!

And the medal? Yes, I wore it to church. And to lunch. And to Half Price Books. I earned it, dammit! I also earned a beer tonight and a rest day tomorrow. Makes me wish I didn't have to go to work.

I guess that's what the Blues are all about.