Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today's Run OR Mixing It Up

Just for kicks, I went to check out a trail at a nearby park that I heard about. Cute park, safe. But a circular track that I would guess that was maybe a half mile in circumference; meaning I did many laps. Have to admit that I'm not a fan--I like the feeling of destination. This felt too much like rat in a cage. It was a nice change-up, but I'll stick to my usual route.

The running itself was not spectacular. After the two virtuals, I'm feeling low on mojo. Not good, since I've got two races coming up in a couple weeks (one virtual, one in-person). No expected PRs, but I'd like to stay under 45 minutes for each. I may take Bella out with me for runs the next week or so simply to work on technique.

I also think I need to put the hammer down on my eating. I always say it's not about the weight, but I know I will perform better if I'm carrying less bulk. Healthier choices, portion control, and watch the comfort eating.