Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Plans and Schemes for 2013

My feet ache already.
As I've been filling in my calendar with work and Reserve weekends, I've been doing my race planning as well. I'm so je ne sais quoi that I've actually started a spreadsheet of races for which I am signed up and races I would like to run.

The next few months are shaping up thusly:

January: Two virtuals for which I am already registered. I thought about an in-person as well, but the Reality Fairy hit me in the head.

February: One of two possible virtuals, depending on who has the better shirt/bling/deal.

Just to show the Reality Fairy what's what, I am seriously thinking about Rhythm & Blues 5K; if I go by myself, I could actually drive there, run the race, get the bling, drive home, clean up, and be in the pew for church on time. I presented the idea to Mister last night at dinner, and I think he liked the idea of the race-within-a-race idea almost as much as I did. He challenged me to PR to make it really worthwhile. (Is it tacky to wear one's medal up for communion? I guess that's the sin of pride ... I'm totally wearing it at lunch, though.)

March: Not only signed up for Color Me Rad, but I've found myself as a team captain for three other runners. (Registration is still open, and you are welcome to join Team Chunky Wonder Woman of course.) I am going to have to do some shifting around of my work schedule (long story).

Turns out that the Navy marathon, which also has a Wounded Warrior 5K, is occurring during Mister's Reserve weekend. He's going to look into the possibility of getting permission to drill down at NAS Corpus Christi (and maybe get fitness credit). This base is near and dear to us, and it would be a nice way to round off his Navy career (or rather, my living with his Navy career).

April: I'm seeing if I can get permission to attend this year's Texas Library Association in Fort Worth. Not only is my book boyfriend one of the keynote speakers, not only will I be able to arrange dinner with one of my dearest friends who lives in the area (you heard me, Natalie!), but I would also sign up to run the 5K and run with some of my favorite librarian friends. I am obligated to run at least one race while wearing my Tough Chik singlet; if anyone is tough, it's librarians--we manage budget cuts, difficult clientele, and changing technologies all while wearing a smile.

I will pause my planning, as I see the Reality Fairy swinging her wand ominously. If I'm front-loading, it's because I dread running in the summer.

Then again, that's when I began this crazy dream ...