Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Poll: Which February Virtual Race Should I Run?

I'm torn between two virtual races in February, so I thought I'd tap the Hive Mind.

Choice 1: For the Love of the Kids 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Race
Charity: Hole in the Wall Gang
Cost: $27 (limited slots, so I'll have to decide soon)
Dates: Feb. 14-16 (would have to fit it in with work)
Perks: Performance shirt (shown left); really good medal

Update: Can you believe they sold out already? So, it's a total moot point. Don't I feel a right nitwit ...

Choice 2: 3W Heart Throb Virtual 5K
Charity: Athletes Serving Athletes
Cost: $21
Dates: Feb. 9 (same weekend as Rhythm & Blues, so it would mean running two days in a row, which I usually don't do)
Perks: Much cuter shirt (shown left); cotton-blend, but girl-fit available. No medal, but random drawing prizes (some of them pretty good)