Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Highs and Lows

If I were a hard-ass, the weather wouldn't matter. But I am so not a hard ass.

There was an electrical hiccup at work that sent me home early. It was in the 70s and humid, but I knew the weather was going to take a sudden turn (this being Texas and all). Of course, I go for a run ... Of course?! Go exercise instead of napping or reading or lazing around? What is happening to me?


Sunday was 40s and drizzly. Icky. But seeing the marathon runners on my way to church, I longed to be out earning a medal. Laid out cute clothes for Monday morning. Intention set.

Cut to Monday lunchtime knitting group: I had to confess I didn't go--cold, drizzly, tired. I used the excuse that it would fit my schedule better if I ran today, but in essence, I suck. Thankfully, two other runners in the group confessed to the same thing. (I did take the dogs out later for a long, ambling walk to clear my head of a difficult day.)

This morning ... 30s and drizzly. Ugh. I was psyching myself up to go when Mister offered to go with me--not a run, though, just a walk. And you know, I feel like I've been disconnected lately. The time together to talk was restorative (even if my toes were a little frozen).

I've said it before: I don't exercise to lose weight. I'm exercising to find myself.