Friday, January 25, 2013

Today's Run OR Educating Luna

artist unknown
Set the alarm early for today, as I want to make three miles the habitual run from now on. The majority of the night was spent in twilight sleep--that dozy you-don't-think-you've-actually-slept-but-time-passes-and-weird-dreams-occur kind of sleep. I do know that I had dreams about attending a poetry writing seminar, being told my poetry sucked, and writing more poetry (mostly about running). I remember thinking what I was writing was good in the dream, but when I tried to recreate it when fully conscious--um, no.

I digress.

The dogs, too, were pretty restless throughout the night (lots of toenail tapping on hardwood floors). However, I had decided before I fell asleep that I would: A) go for an actual run; and B) take just Luna with me to see how she does.

We have a long way to go yet. There was weaving (dog). There was swearing (me). And poor Luna was spooked by a bus that rushed past us. All that, plus GPS issues (damn you, clouds!), made the run less than satisfying. On the other hand, I am the good kind sore, and I can better face the enforced rest my schedule is demanding this weekend.

Luna was also much more subdued during breakfast and morning activities. I have confidence that time and consistency will make her a better running partner and a better dog overall. I wonder, though, if I'm going to have to get a walk in tonight to make sure everybody sleeps.