Saturday, January 19, 2013

(Virtual) Race Report: I Tink I Can 5K

Licensed to kill ... miles
Charity: FUNd Run 4 Bling splits proceeds between the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Lazarex Cancer Society and Team Diabetes

Finish Time: 0:39:57

Wow. This was not quite a PR, but damn close. Seriously, I was seconds away from it.

Lately I've been working on getting my head out of the intervals, as I seem to be getting too used to them. Instead, I've been visualizing my usual route as I fall asleep, running each segment in my head. At the risk of sounding all weird and metaphysic-y, I think it's been working. Or at least it's been breaking my walk-here-run-here-don't-deviate mental blocks.

As usual, started out gangbusters; actually was doing an eleven minute mile for a majority of the first mile--which was pretty solidly run. That second mile, though, is still my wall. (Should I keep pushing it or just accept that's what my body does?) For the most part, however, my breathing was pretty regular.

In other words, good run.

My family--my awesome, awesome, supportive, and amazing family--was waiting at the end of the block to greet me at the "finish line." Little Miss gave me my medal, as is only proper.

Along with my medal, I also got a temporary tattoo and a Tinkerbell charm in my race packet. I'm not quite sure what to do with the charm yet. Tink is wearing a red dress, which kind of goes with my general WW theme. I have started a running charm bracelet, but that's a Pandora style.
au natural

I decided that I would wear it as a necklace at least for today. That should work until Little Miss sees it and asks to wear it. Because that's how things work around these parts.

My medal and my time are mine.