Sunday, October 14, 2012

Race Report: Cupcake Classic

My version of a race medal
Wait, what?

Yes, my first "real life" race is in 13 days. But today I participated in my first virtual race, the Cupcake Classic. The intention was to make it a dress rehearsal for the Great Pumpkin Run, but my costume isn't quite finished. I'm hoping I will get it in time to do a practice run.

At least Wonder
Woman was
But back to this race.

Man, but the humidity was killer. First mile was glorious. Ended up walking a bulk of the second mile. Third mile a combination of the two.

Finish time: 0:39:27--a new personal record.*

I felt weird about getting myself a medal, especially since I haven't run a "real life" race yet. After the 27th of October, I expect to feel differently, though. I did splurge on the race t-shirt because, well--cupcakes, that's why.

Addendum: I got my cupcake at church.
Level up!
* Mister and I are actually arguing about the time. When we examined Runkeeper, it looks like I went beyond the 5K distance in the recorded time. My race time may have actually been closer to 35 minutes, but I'm going to err on the side of caution.