Saturday, October 27, 2012

Race Report: Great Pumpkin 5K Run OR N00b No Longer

Long pants were removed
before the actual race.
I was surprised how well I slept last night--only awakened about midnight when Miss and Luna-pup joined us in the bed.

As I was getting into costume, I was wondering whether to hang my bib from my shirt or my skort. Mister suggested the area that needed the most camouflaging (without being specific, dear boy). I decided the shirt, and shrugged, "Oh well, I am Chunky Wonder Woman after all."

"Oh, Momma," Miss cooed, "you're not chunky."

"Thank you, sweetheart!"

"Yeah, you're just a little fat."

Thanks, kid.


Arrived about 40 minutes before start time. Walked around the perimeter to warm up. Had to layer a pair of  long pants because it was SO DAMN COLD* My hairdresser, Lisa, popped in and out for some quick "official" pre-race pics.** Then the line up began.

It's about this time my brain reminded me how unfond I am of crowds. I told my brain to shut up. Lots of officials from our sponsors talk. My brain reminded me how much I hate speeches and would like to get on with this thing. I told my brain to be polite.

And then the starting gun went off.

I had positioned myself toward the middle, and it took a while to pass the starting line. I had already started Runkeeper, but I know the chip would register the actual crossing.

Away I went. My usual good beginning pace fueled by the people around me. Had to bob and weave a little to keep moving forward. Then the gas began to leave. I tried to keep up the run-walk pattern before settling into mostly walk. I ended up trying to keep pace with some Teletubbies.

The course was two lanes on one road. About a quarter of the way through, I saw people coming the other way. At first it was exciting to see the first finishers; but as I began to see some of the people who were around me at the start, my brain started squawking at me again: You're going to come in last. Shut up, brain, I replied.

The turn-around seemed forever away. To add to it, there was an unexpected dip and rise. But halfway done.

Heading back, I saw the participants from the walk. Of course, my brain used this as evidence that I was in last. I kept telling my brain to shut up, but my protestations were getting weaker and weaker.

Then I saw a little girl dressed as Supergirl. "Look, Mom! There's Wonder Woman!" I smiled and waved and picked up my pace. I saw another walker dressed as Wonder Woman. I smiled and waved and picked up my pace. I saw photographers. I smiled and waved and picked up my pace.

And then I thought, so what if I come in last? I've done something I've never done before. Plus this isn't my last race. This is the base line. Look at the skyline. Look at the clouds. Relax and enjoy the run.

My brain pointed out that the cones dividing the road into two lanes had been removed. I was just that slow. I told my brain to shut up and tried to keep pace with the pirate lass and the whoopie cushion.

One last hill before the finish line. I ended up walking it. Then I saw my family ... and the finish line. One last chance to pick up the pace.

So, yes, I began and finished an official 5K race.

I barely remembered to turn off my Runkeeper--time: 0:43:10. PR in elevations.

N00b no more.


I'll post "official" pictures, my chip time, and your race signs at a later date. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support in this project.

* For us, 50 degrees is cold.
** She arrived just as Mister was hitting a porta-potty and left before he came back. I'm pretty sure if it weren't for my occasionally shorter hair and credit card bill, he would think that I made her up.