Sunday, October 21, 2012

Race Week: Today's Not Run OR Anxiety Rising

Today should have been my distance run, but my body had other ideas. My digestive system has been wreaking havoc since about 2AM last night. The 'rents were in town this weekend, so I managed to hold things together for the most part for much of the day. But I'm feeling myself waning rapidly. I'm hoping getting some rest will be enough to get me back on track in time for Saturday.

Bonus: I lost another pound. Running to the bathroom will do that.

I'm also having some costume anxiety. According to the seamstress, it is being mailed out tomorrow morning. If there are no more bumps, that means I should have it in time for a practice run. I do have a back-up plan if it doesn't arrive in time, but this blog is called Chunky Wonder Woman, not Chunky Reminiscent of Wonder Woman.

I know finishing is what matters, and that's what going to happen in the end. Still, work with me, Universe!