Thursday, October 25, 2012

Race Week: Today's Run OR Dress Rehearsal

I woke up naturally around 5AM to the sound of the dogs moving around. I was so excited to try the costume out on my last run before the race that I got going pretty quickly.

The tank fits a lot like a bathing suit--close, but not too tight. I'm a little bulgy in the center. My sports bra does show, but there's nothing to be done for that (and really it's no big deal). There is a detachable cape that I'm not using for now.

The skort is wonderful! The attached shorts do ride up a little, as will happen, but the length is perfect for modesty while still allowing movement. There are pockets on both sides, which is a huge selling point; I do wish they were a little deeper, as my phone barely fits, but it's not a deal-breaker.

I didn't wear the tiara or braces. I probably should have, but it felt too weird for a neighborhood run. Not that anyone really noticed, although I did run into the elderly couple that walk about the same time as I was out. I am a big believer in the power of hiding in plain sight.

As for the run itself, I'm a little disappointed in my time. Even at only 75 degrees, humidity was 87%! It's like the weather was saying goodbye to my training phase as well.* The temperature is supposed to take a huge dip this weekend. Hopefully colder weather plus adrenaline will push me.

Have you finished your race sign yet?

* Totally not necessary, but thanks for thinking of me, Weather!