Monday, October 29, 2012

What Now?

Even superheroes have to do laundry.
I finished a 5K race, but it was a combo of walking and running. The next short term goal is to complete a 5K run--no walking at all. It's time to start really pushing myself. Long term goal is to increase my distance and work up to a 10K, but let's start here.

I will be running two virtual races in November, mostly because of my crazy schedule. World Run Day will be on 11 November and Gobbler Gallop on Thanksgiving Day. I also plan to run my birthday on 5 December. I'm trying to think of a clever gimmick, gathering, or giveaway for these events, but I really don't have anything yet.

My next race is 8 December, Rudolph Fun Run. It will be untimed, but there is a finisher's medal involved. My daughter will be doing the Cupid 1K (with her daddy beside). Then, 23 December is the Santa Hustle in Galveston which Mister will be doing with me; I'm hoping I can match his stride by then.

I'm also working on a Christmas-themed variation to the costume. Because if I can't finish fast, I can at least finish cute.*

So, what now?

I keep running, that's what.

* Oh, hello, defense mechanism!