Monday, October 22, 2012

Wondering Woman

artwork by Hanie Mohd
My costume is on its way. I have the tracking number and everything.

I had no idea how much the symbolism of Wonder Woman has come to mean to me lately. I had a magnet here and a necklace there. But lately I've been wanting to surround myself with the iconography all the time.* She has become a talisman of sorts--that I can be both geeky and athletic.** That participation is more important that perfection. That finishing is more important than winning.

I am a Type-A personality, so these lessons are hard won. It's often what has kept me from participating in physical activity at all. However, now that I've shifted my focus from getting skinny to getting strong, I've found it easier to be consistent.

artwork by Lucy Knisley
The costume started out as a security blanket. If I was going to make a fool of myself--which I won't--at least I've had the first laugh by dressing silly. But throughout this process, I've realized that I have every right to train, to participate in races, and to see myself as a runner; likewise, I have every right to cosplay and to see myself as a superhero. I don't have to be young and skinny; I just have to be bold. I have the right to be Wonder Woman.

The first two rules the Slow Fat Triathlete** gives is to toss away self-consciousness and embrace Lycra. You do it your way, I'll do it mine.

* My Etsy Favorites and Pinterest boards are a mess with her.
** I still struggle to call myself that.
*** I talk about her a lot, don't I?