Monday, October 15, 2012

Today's Swim OR Figuring Out the Schedule

I hit the Y again this morning. By the time I get there, almost all of the lanes in the lap pool are occupied; so I've been joining the blue hairs to tread water and work the water weights for a half hour. It is as pleasantly mindless as walking, and I feel it in my shoulders, upper back, and arms when I'm done. It ain't sexy, but it looks like we have a winner.

Following the suggestions of the Slow Fat Triathlete, my "inconsistent" work out schedule as it stands:

Monday: Swim
Tuesday: Interval running
Wednesday: Rest*
Thursday: Interval running
Friday: Swim
Saturday: Walk if it's a work day; family activity (swim, walk to the park, play soccer, day hike, etc.) if not.
Sunday: Distance run

I'll have to figure out how to work in the distance run on Reserve weekends, but there's less than a year to go of dealing with that. I'm not really an evening runner, but I guess I could learn to be.

* I work Tuesday nights, and it takes me a long time to settle down for some reason. Therefore, getting up early on Wednesday is more painful than it ought to be.