Sunday, October 7, 2012

Today's Run OR The End of the Formal Training

I wouldn't blame anyone
for making a sign like this for me.

Today was the last day of the formal 5K training program. The weather took a sudden turn, as will happen in Texas--temps in the mid-50s with wind. I didn't bother with a jacket, so I was shaking at the beginning.  Didn't take long, though, for my core to warm up, followed soon after by my extremities. About halfway through, I really found my stride.

All said and done, I finished a 5K in 41:11--a completely respectable, middle of the pack time. In fact, I managed to shave off 6 minutes from when I first attempted this in August. From here on out, my personal training plan will be to continue to work on sustained running during the week, and at least a 5K distance during the weekend.

Unrelated, but a titch worrisome: I seem to have developed a head cold. Yay that I still made good time despite a stuffy head and medication, but I sure could use a nap this afternoon.

Nineteen days.