Saturday, May 4, 2013

Race Report: SBEF Running for the Arts Kids 1K

Charity: Spring Branch Education Foundation

This is not really my race to report. But since I'm the Momma, and she made me go with her, I'm reporting it.

This charity is near and dear because this is my child's school district. Even if she hadn't been asking to do another race, I admit that I probably would have asked her do it anyway. We saw several of her friends from both her school, after-school care, and Girl Scout troop. Many reported that they had done this several years now, so I guess it's a Thing.

IMAG1577It's a Reserve weekend, and to make matters worse, one of the cars is in the shop. So we had to do some planning and getting up way to early to get everybody in the right places at the right time.

The information regarding the 1K was not terribly clear. One piece of information said 9AM. Another piece said 5K runners, then 5K walkers, then 1K starting at 8AM; I've done another race with these organizers, and they handled it like that bam-bam-bam. Many other parents shared my confusion, and we hung together until we found good information.

Turned out the race was at 9AM--which meant a lot of hanging about in the chill, after having gotten up very early and not had a proper breakfast. Grumpiness and getting on each other's nerves? Oh, yes.

IMAG1580Eventually, we were in place and ready to go. Little Miss didn't want to go by herself, so of course, I went along. She actually kept a good pace throughout, taking fairly regular walk breaks that were never too long. She would take off ahead of me, and I would run behind. When she wanted to walk, she would tell me to keep walking ahead of her, and she would catch up. My biggest worry with her (which is always) is that she's such a dreamer, frequently gets distracted, and doesn't always notice her surroundings (people, cars, other obstacles...). I wanted to make sure she would stay on track. I'm not sure how long it took us ultimately; we weren't last, and she had fun. If there are lessons to learn, I want these to be they.

I'm proud of my girl and who she is and who she is becoming.

On this Star Wars Day and Free Comic Book Day, may you find the courage to geek what you love and be who you are. I hope I can always support my daughter in this as she makes her own journey.