Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Gall of It All! OR Home Now

Home now for nearly a week.

As the doctor was signing my release papers, he briefly discussed the pathology of my gallbladder. Huge, yes, that part was explained to me. The doctor mentioned, however, that part of my gallbladder was gangrenous and in the process of dying.

Frightening, the more I think about it ... if it had spread ... if I had gone septic ...

I am very lucky. Or blessed, depending on your worldview. Mostly, I am grateful.

My GPS went wonky. It's probably on the same meds I am.
I've been trying to get a shuffle-walk in each day. It is frustrating not to walk very fast. My core is still tender, and my energy level is still pretty low. I know these will rebuild over time, and I've got to give myself that time.

And, no, I do not recommend this as a weight loss method, but I'm down to 180 lbs. I can see my collar bones again.

I'm not writing coherently (hello, pain killers!). I'm grateful for everyone who has stuck by and kept reading. I hate to lose the momentum even though I'm down for the count--for now.