Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gall of It All OR Recovery Plan

Poor dog hasn't been walked for days.
I know that Having a Sad is a normal part of the healing process. Last night I Had a Big Sad--I have been so tired and overwhelmed by many things for some time now, and the act of being still has made me acutely aware of this. I can see this going two ways: either I will wallow in inactivity and depression or I will push myself too fast. Neither is ideal to a long-term recovery.

So naturally I came up with a training plan of sorts for the week:

1. Walk in the morning. Doesn't matter how fast. Doesn't matter how far. But none of this slip on the Crocs stuff. Put on "real" shoes. Put on a race shirt (or something equally inspiring). No more than a half hour.

2. Nap in the afternoon. My doctor said that really it should be no more than 20 minutes, but I went longer today. And if I do, so what.

3. Stop and assess. If I can manage a few chores or do some stuff for work from home, great; but no pushing it. Mind my pain.

4. Ask for help when I need it. I still walk pretty slow, I can only stand for a limited amount of time, and bending is still uncomfortable. Thankfully, I am surrounded by helpful people.

5. Set my limits. Nobody knows how I'm feeling except me. I need to speak up and say no if necessary.

I don't want to sit still, but I can't move too fast. This recovery will be a memory soon enough.