Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Gall of It All! OR Still Here

Cute Chaser for a TMI post
So, this was the original plan:
  • Take a week off of running after the 10K. 
  • Simplify things to work on sustained running--repeat C25K; some Run, Zombies missions.
  • Get a formal tour of my Y's weight training facility so I can get a code to use their electronic program.
  • Do some social running, like a Moms Run This Town group or the Kung Fu Running Club
In other words, take a step back, take a big breath, and regain the joy of running before attacking a long-term training plan the end of July.

Well, I got the first one done at least. I am still in the hospital recovering from surgery, but I should be going home tomorrow.

Please do not let these put you off
this most delicious veggie.
I mentioned before that my gallbladder was too large to be removed by conventional means. That's because it was the size of a zucchini. Leaves me to wonder how it was that I didn't know. It didn't seem to affect my running performance. My core work, while minimal, was no more painful than it ought to be. I had occasional cramps when eating beef, but I had stopped eating beef months back for that reason.

 It also makes me wonder about my recovery time had I not spent the last year-plus walking and running consistently. My doctor told me yesterday that she was glad to see that I was always up, sitting, walking, moving; too many of her patients lie there. I remember when I had my c-section, I figured that I was "owed rest." I am aware now that a lot of me getting better depends on me--which means getting up and walking when I really don't want to. (I have the added benefit of not nursing a baby this time around, so bring on the narcotics!)

Mister has been holding down the fort at home. The reality that Mom has been gone longer than normal is beginning to sink in with Miss; she cried some last night at her visit. But my family is amazing in how it copes, and I am beyond grateful to how our Community has wrapped its arms around us.

And, because I'm shallow, I wonder how much weight I have lost. I also got a little wistful seeing a news report on a run that I had been considering. I do feel a million times better, however, after being able to shower, wash my hair, and shave. I am still a little afraid of eating, but I feel better after doing so.

Recovery is going to take some time. I need to remember not to rush it.

On a positive note, I woke up Friday morning to the random joy of over 200 followers on my Facebook page. Turns out that I was part of Women Races list of 100 Motivating Endurance Facebook Pages. I follow a ton of the other pages, and it's a honor to be ranked among them. Or to be considered motivating in the first place.

It's going to be slow, but every step counts.