Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meeting Resolutions OR Hey, a Vlog!

I'm endeavoring to meet some of my resolutions. First off, I finished an episode of my vlog, Cosrunning with Chunky Wonder Woman.


I've made several attempts at vlogs, but I'm really going to try to be consistent with this one.* This is raw, but as my friend Somer of Kitchenstitches says, sometimes you just got to plunge ahead. I figure if I get at least one written entry and one vlog a week, I will meet my post twice a week goal.

One of the plans for this vlog is to include some Google+ Hangouts with makers and doers. So, if you run in costume and/or make costumes for runners and would like in on the conversation, please let me know (and some of you I will be contacting, so brace yourself).

I also made a goal to wear more hats. I will be wearing this one at the Chevron Houston Marathon where I will be volunteering at the half marathon turnaround (about mile 8, according to the map).

I'm nervous, but very excited about volunteering. I think it will give me a new appreciation for how much work it takes to make a race come together. It has also feels great to have an answer to, "So, are you running?" and know I'm still a part of this event.

If you're running, make sure to give me a wave. I'll be cheering you on!

As far as other resolutions, I've just started a little bit of speed play, and I think I may have found my second half marathon.

How are your resolutions going? Still on track? Hang in there--we've got this.

* Yeah, yeah, we'll see, sez the Blerch.