Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

I suppose I should write down a few goals for the year.
  • Complete 4 half marathons. I'm not sure how many other races I want to do, but for some reason, this seems to be the magic number for halves. And hey, I am already a quarter finished!
  • Work in speed play. I've seen a free Runkeeper training where the goal is an under 60 minutes 10K. I don't know if it is possible. Then again, I didn't think I could run more than 2 minutes. I'm going to give it a shot.
  • Get back to weightwork on non-running days. I may just have to buy the DVD instead of continuing to check it out from the library.
  • Get/make a proper medal holder. Because I'm worth it.
  • Get bifocals. I've been flipping my glasses on top of my head about a year now. Time to give it up and give in.
  • Take more vacations from work. I tend to hoard my vacation time in fear of being sick. But I learned this past year when I had to tap into FMLA that I can generate most of what I will need at this point. I also discovered that my workplace can still function just fine without me. Instead of waiting until the end of the year when I'm cranky, I'm going to space out longer bits of time off.
  • Blog at least twice a week. I have so many thoughts that float around. Good thoughts. I ought to inflict them on you. 
  • Consider a once a month vlog/Google Hangout/podcast. I have this idea for focusing specifically on running in costume (a friend suggested calling it cosrunning). I'd like to include some interviews with makers, wearers, and designers. Let me know if you want in.
  • Set aside at least one night for crafting--for gifts, for fun. So much Pinterest, so little time.
  • Related: clean out my craft corner. Since we don't have a garage, we need a place to park bikes, weights, workout gear, etc. I have an idea, but I need time and energy to do it.
  • Set aside at least one night for reading. I tend to fall asleep to YouTube or Netflix these days. While there's nothing wrong with that, I have so much on my to-read list. The 50 page rule will be in play.
  • Wear more hats. Everywhere.