Friday, January 31, 2014

Random Thoughts from This Morning's Run

- Vlog post will not get done this week. Filmed, but no time to do the little editing that I do. Not that anyone is screaming for it.

- It was not so painfully cold this morning. Still, it can't be good for one's health to go from two layers in order to run back to short sleeves. Please choose one, weather.

- Fartlek is a brain workout as much as a body workout. I started out doing one mile slow, which was angrymaking. Then came four sessions of 5 minutes fast with 2 minute slow intervals in between. Even though I didn't get below a 10:50 minute mile, it was work--keeping up the pace while keeping in mind how much farther I had to go, push but keep some energy in reserve. There was no zoning out, no dreaming, just all the Now, the steps, the breath. (And I did NO walking during the slow intervals. Yay, me!) I was so relieved for that last mile slow. I ache in a good way--both mentally and physically. 

- "Fartlek"--hurr hurr hurr

- I chafe in areas I never imagined. I've got a boo-boo on my hip thanks to a seam. That's just so weird.