Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holiday Hangovers

Today is the Child's first day back to school. The Christmas stuff has been put away. The house is mostly devoid of rich foods and sweets.

I guess the holidays are officially over.

Well, *I'm* cold.
It's been really chilly (for us) lately, which doesn't make it easy to get out of bed and get going. (Luna, who is an affectionate dog by nature, has been particularly cuddly in a don't-get-out-of-bed-yet way.) Plus, I want to eat a lot of bread, cheese, and sodium-laden soup. I'm feeling rather bear-like in many, many ways (not all good), but hopefully some normalcy will help.

I started a sub-65 minute 10K training program this past week. Right now it's in the let's-get-started 2 and 3 mile easy runs, but will include fartlek running sessions and long runs up to 9 miles. It seemed to have the most benefits for me and is versatile enough to use for a 10K or another half. I haven't figured out how to fill the other days yet, and I may run into some snags later on in the training in terms of my calendar. I'm just going to plunge ahead and see how it goes.

That being said, I haven't really committed myself to any race yet. I'm probably going to do the Awesome 80s Run, despite the fact that I'm convinced I'm going to be annoyed; then again, there's a Darth Vader medal, and if someone will come with me, I might surprise myself. I do want to do the Houston Rodeo Run (10K) in March, despite the fact that the 10K training will not quite be finished. I've glanced at the Blue Bell Fun Run and Rhythm & Blues, but I'm not enthusiastic. I just noticed the Navy Marathon has been cancelled, which is a pity.

While I'm not running in the local biggie, the Chevron Houston Marathon, I followed the suggestion of a MRTT member and signed up as a volunteer (I will be at the half marathon turn-around). It's a good opportunity to give back to the community that embraced me.

So that's January, I guess. I'm working on my other resolutions, but it turns out I have a Blerch in other areas as well.