Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trouble with Training

In many ways, January has been a gift. I did a switch at work that meant no weekend work at all this month. We've managed to get out of town. I've had a couple of Icepocalypse days where I gotten to stay home. Lots of naps. Lots of creative stuff. Plus, I've gained a duty at work that is a welcome challenge.

Ran like whoa. #slowisthenewfast #humblebrag #iamarunner
Ran like whoa.
Likewise, my running speed has vastly improved. My "easy" pace is about a 12:30-12:45 minute mile, which seems to be average for "slow runners." Last week, when I was running an "easy three miles," I actually kept up a 10:30 minute mile pace (going below a 10mm at one point). It felt like a break-through! Running Momma suggests trying a 5K at an all-out pace, just to see what would happen.

I have been struggling with my training, though. Since I've set my sights on a half marathon in April, I thought I should switch my plan from a sub-65 minute 10K to an actual half marathon plan. However, the only plan that ended on time was a beginner half that concentrated only on mileage. I started to do it, but I found myself instantly bored and angry and finding excuses to quit. (Hello, Blerch. Glad to see you encouraging me to be a general PITA to my family as well.) This week, I switched back to the sub-65 for the novelty of the speed work. I figure since it includes a couple of long 9 mile runs, I'll still be prepared enough for the half. After April, I'll look into a "proper" intermediate (!) half training, which should give me enough time for a race in the fall.

Still, the scheduling has been tough. The icy weather has been disruptive. Also, the training has me doing speedwork on Saturday, long run on Sunday; with church involved, I'll have to switch them (or postpone the long run if it's a working weekend as this coming one will be).

The running does help my mood tremendously, though. I think the addition of a calcium-magnesium supplement as my doctor suggested might also help me in beating back the Blerch.