Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Every Run Its Own

I've started week two of the sub-65 10K training, and the vacation seems to be ending.

Today was three miles plus strides (essentially three rounds of 20 seconds fast + 2 minutes steady). I was a little jumpy about the whole process--I was so afraid to go very fast for fear I wouldn't have the gas when I had to sprint. Which is the point, I guess. But a 14 minute mile is still, well, a little disappointing. Nonetheless, I made my strides and have lived through the first round of it.

Even though I can compare runs in my head, I am increasingly aware that every run is its own. Yes, I can now finish a half; but this two and three mile runs, right now in this cold, is kind of a bitch. I still find myself pushing, yelling, coaching my way through.

Shouldn't this be easy now?

In a way, it is. I am not only able to physically do more, I can identify the Blerch for what it is and push past it. But that damn Blerch is there. Every. Single. Run.

I am also aware that the past week the Blerch has been playing with my hormones. PMS has been ragingly bad. I spoke with my doctor about it, and we have a strategy. (Related: my well woman tests and mammogram both came out normal. Not that there was a doubt; it's just a relief, especially after the health problems of last year.)

I'm hoping volunteering at the Chevron Marathon with bring back a little mojo.