Sunday, July 28, 2013

Race Report: MRTT Katy Chapter Running Mad Virtual

Finish Time: 0:41:32

Before we get started, the costume that I wore was:

Mad Hatter in almost a two to one vote. I had rigged a fluffier bow to a headband to wear as a necklace, but it was just too dang hot to wear that for any length of time. (Seriously, it was so humid that every layer was soaked completely through by the time I was done.) The fascinator, however, worked out swimmingly.

IMAG1899For those of you who are disappointed, know that the kitty ears were not wasted, as Miss made use of them--and added her own tutu, because that's how we roll in Girl World. Just to prove the apple-tree correlation, once she heard that she could wear a costume, I had no problem getting her out of bed and dressed (along with the fact that she was going to be playing with some of her buddies). In true LARP fashion, she told me she was the Cheshire Kitten who was gradually learning to disappear; she hadn't mastered leaving behind her smile, but she could leave behind her tail.*

But back to the running.

The original plan was to simply follow the C25K training plan of the day which was to walk 5, run 20, walk 5, run whatever was left. I'm not going to lie about the Fail--I ran about 10 minutes before giving in to my brain. But that's two minutes more than the intervals I had done before, so I'm not beating myself up over it. Also, while I did walk, I didn't stay walking, which is progress for me. The run intervals weren't long, but they existed. Getting it all done in under 43 minutes lets me know I'm back on track to where I used to be before my surgery.

Did I mention the humidity?

Not pictured: a teeny tiara
(because Miss ran off with it, natch)
I was a little nervous about the course because I was not familiar with the neighborhood and get easily lost.** Thankfully, the signs along the route were clear and encouraging. I was so impressed by the organization of this event--from the signs to the food to the everything! That's a ton of work, and y'all did an amazing job!

Also: Best. Swag. Bag. EVer.


I have to say, though, that the best part of the morning was meeting people. Although no one believes it, I'm an introvert by nature, and I have to work really hard to not clam up in new situations. This group was so friendly and fun that the interactions were easy. By the by, the mod of Motivating Me - Running Myself Fit is my new hero with her teaching and parenting and running stories.

I left this event really excited and motivated ... which is a good thing since official training for my 10 miler starts tomorrow. Just proving that we're all mad around here. But the best people often are.

* I totes should be copyrighting this. It would make such an awesome picture book.
** Really. I give blank stares to anyone who gives me ordinal directions, and I always build in at least 15 minutes anytime I'm driving someplace new because I WILL get lost.