Sunday, July 14, 2013

C25K Re-Do Okay: Week 3 (with a Brief Commentary on Marriage)

Finished week 3 of  C25K, and today's run couldn't have been more perfect (for me). I really had to coach myself through that last run interval (3 minutes), but I felt good having done it.

I'm a little worried about next week with its combos of 3 and 5 minute run intervals. It is crazy humid lately. Plus I just don't feel like my endurance is back to where it was. I'm trying not to worry, but the end of September will be here before I know it.

As far as recovery in other areas, nights are still tough when the scar tissue swells. I've also been trying to introduce some foods back into my diet with varying results.

Go read Kingdom Come if you haven't already.
In other news, this week Mister and I had our 16th wedding anniversary.

Mister and I are familiar with the nature of obsession, as the contents of our house can attest. He has done oil painting, golf, stained glass, woodwork, and currently animated film-making and dabbling in cycling. I have done cross-stitch, embroidery, polymer clay sculpture, multi-media collage, knitting, and crochet, as well as the running. Between gear and race fees, running is not less expensive than my other interests. Of course, there's also the time--and child care.

I mention this simply because I need to step back now and again to thank my family, especially my husband, for the support and encouragement in this journey.

Mister knows that this, of all of my obsessions, has a benefit for him in that I have been far more sound in mind and body. Not only am I easier to live with, there's a chance running will allow me to live with him longer as well. And he's been more [ahem] attentive lately. He assures me that I have always been beautiful to him (and I believe him). The new factor has been my confidence--the belief in my possibility and strength, seeing myself as an athlete and--dare I say--a superhero. It's my new-found confidence that he finds sexy. I'm doing this for me, not him, but total Bonus!

So, thank you, hon, for cheering me on, coaching me, and sometimes just going along beside me. I'm up for another 16 years if you are!