Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June in Review

Miles Covered: 25 miles
16.8 miles walking
8.2 miles running

If I were travelling from Bag End to Rivendell, we'd be camping after Frodo has been injured.

Races: Electric Run

I don't know if I can say that I am fully recovered, but it's close. I've been back to work an entire week. Not only have I begun running again (albeit slowly), but I've completed a race. I still have wobbly moments, but I'm feeling more in the game again.

I've started C25K again to improve my running duration time. I will not finish it before bumping into the training for my 10 miler; but the 10 miler training starts out with 2 or 3 mile runs, so I'm okay. When I saw the doctor this past week, she told me no heavy lifting for another three months, so no weight lifting for a while. I have been approved for swimming, Pilates, and some light heavybag work when it comes to cross-training. I've also tentatively looked into getting a bike.

Naturally, the weather has taken a turn toward the blistering hot, as it will. I'm not sure what it is, but I suddenly I'm not afraid of working out in just a sports bra, muffin top and all. A lot of it has to do with the fact that my scar is easily irritated, no matter how light the fabric. The other part of it is the awareness that I'm alive, I have the tracks to show it, and I have earned the right to be comfortable.

Effs given = zero.

Okay, maybe one or two.

My midsection is still a little numb at times, and when I sit, it pooches. I thought maybe it was still a little distended from the internal damage. I made the mistake of asking Mister, and he said that it pretty much looks like it did--I've just lost weight in my boobs. Um .. yay? Since there are still occasional pops and itty sharp pains, I'm not jumping into core work just yet..

How long can I claim I'm recovering anyhow? I guess until it's done, and not a moment sooner. Not if I want to stay well.