Sunday, April 28, 2013

Race Report: Hetherington Fun Run

IMAG1546Sponsor: Texas Library Association

Finish Time: 0:38:24 (it wasn't quite a 5K--2.97 miles according to Runkeeper)

I took the opportunity to run my April race at a professional conference. It was also the opportunity to run with my Running Mama (aka the friend who talked me into this whole running mess). I confess that I went in feeling vulnerable: no WW trappings (which is really a disguise for my insecure self), no color gimmicks, just my raw self.

It was really hard not to feel like I sucked.

Running Mama is a great coach--she just wouldn't let me settle into walking. As a result, I was spitting all kinds of obscenities at her. It was not pretty, certainly not professional, definitely not kind. She pointed out that I really let my adrenaline get the better of me at the beginning and start out waaaaay too fast. I also underestimate how much running that I can actually do.

So, in other words, there's my flaws.

Still, it was fun to go with her. The weather and trail was pretty. I'm proud of my sprint across the finish line.

I'm trying to absorb and apply the advice as I train for the my 10K ... which is 2 weeks away.