Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today's Workout (or Thanks to George Lucas I Still Have My VCR)

On advisement of counsel,* I decided to mix up things by tossing in some weight training instead of running several days in a row. I dug up an old VHS tape I still had and went at it.**

Um, not as satisfying as I would like.

I got a good workout, yes. (I'm feeling it in my shoulders.) But several things I didn't like include:

  • It's 50 minutes long, which is tough to work into my schedule beyond the mornings I am off. I really need 30 minutes at the most.
  • It involved a lot more thinking that I like to do first thing in the morning.
  • On a walk/run, no one can get a hold of me. *** The solitary time is a huge mental reset.
When I was in the middle of things, Miss came in, talking away as is her habit. Mister tried to keep her contained, but after a while I asked her to join me. I wasn't able to concentrate well, but at the same time, I want Miss to see that making one's body strong is important.

I've been thinking of some possible solutions. I'm going to raid the library/Netflix to test drive some workouts that would better fit into the schedule. I'll also look for videos that I can do with Miss (although trying to do yoga with her was less than peaceful). I may also consider walking in the morning, and doing these kinds of workouts in the evening when I can think better; trickier to time, however, between dinner and bath and going over homework.

My brain is still in the mode that thinks good running comes from just running. I know mixing it up will make for a better run in the long term.

* You know who you are.
** Thanks to George Lucas not rereleasing the original Star Wars in the cinematic form we remember as kids, we held on to our DVD/VHS player. A boon, really, since I still have some old Disney videos that Miss is now discovering.
*** Not entirely true. I carry my phone with me, which I also use for my GPS and to listen to music/NPR. In a pinch, I could get a call.