Monday, August 27, 2012

Race Fever

I can't stop looking at races!!!

Here are my general requirements:

  • Is it a simple 5K? (Longer races will come, as will trail runs, but let me stick to my level for now.)
  • Is it relatively local?
  • Does it fit within my sticky schedule?*
  • Does it give me a unique experience?
  • Does it support a charity that means something to me?
  • Can I afford it?
Like many areas in my life, I like to window shop and create wish lists.** Right now, the wish list includes:
  • Something superhero/comic book related.
  • Something involving a tutu, like this.
  • A night run, like this.***
  • The Color Run. ***
  • A run I can do with my dog, Belladonna, since she's out with me every morning. (This one looks okay, but awfully short.)
  • Eventually, a team run with coordinating costumes.
  • For now, obstacle courses scare me, so I'm not entirely keen on trying a zombie run yet. I'd like to work toward it, though.
I'm sure the list will grow, as my world tends to be filled with people who love to tempt me. I'm already planning on two 5Ks in December. I've been nosing around for a Veterans Day run, but none that do it for me. Sunday runs are tricky, as we do go to church (and Mister is a lay reader). World Run Day is at least cheap and easy, if kind of boring.

Feel free to spam me with shiny races to consider. But let me at least finish one before I go to far.

I think I'll start a Pinterest board ...
* As I mentioned before, I have to work every other Saturday. For another year, my husband has Naval Reserve duties. This usually brings it to one weekend a month, unless I can either figure out childcare or a way for the Girl to participate.
** My Etsy Wish List is a huge self-soothing activity.
*** I can't do this one this year due to schedule conflicts.