Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great Hera!

Phase II of The Plan complete--I have just ordered my Wonder Woman costume. It will be created by Helen of This Princess Runs. Not only be customized for running, it will be customized to me (hence, the need for some lead time).

I almost chickened out on this.

I’ve always wanted to dress like Wonder Woman. I saw Helen’s design and was completely smitten (it has a skirt! the skirt has a pocket!). I obsessed over it. I dreamed about it. It got me going in the morning. It was one of my last thoughts at night.

But the self-doubt: I’m not young. I’m not thin. I’m going to be wearing this in a race? A race I’m not going to win, or even finish in the first half of the group? What makes me think I can do this? Just who do I think I am?

I’m Chunky Wonder Woman, that’s who.

I’m not running a 5K to win. I’m running to finish. I’m running to show my daughter that it’s important to work and to try, even though there will be others who will do it better than I. I’m doing this to prove the same thing to myself. And that’s what being a hero is--being scared, and then doing it anyway even if complete success isn’t a guarantee.

The initial investment is expensive, but I’m not wearing this just once. I have another 5K planned in December, and I’ll wear it again (although it may be cold enough that I’ll wear it with black yoga pants, like Wonder Woman in the New 52*). And the inevitable other runs next year. 

Plus, I can wear the tank with a blazer when I do comic book panels.**

So there’s my carrot, my inspiration, and my brand.

* Did I mention I’m a huge nerd?
** Did I mention I’m a nerd professionally?