Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I've Done It Again

I haven't run a race yet. I haven't received my costume yet. But I've officially signed up for another 5K. You see, there was this Groupon for the Santa Hustle in Galveston on 23 December.

This is madness. Not because I can't run it. It's other considerations.

The first issue is the scheduling. The run itself is on Christmas Eve Eve. While squeezing in one more thing into the Season can be ill-advised, by the time this date rolls around, things are pretty square. The only worry here would be our involvement with the Nativity Play at church, as we would probably miss a rehearsal.*

The other thing is balancing the schedule. I work every other weekend, and then we have to fold in Mister's Naval Reserves schedule. I'm going to have to make some switches as is in order to accommodate his drill on 15 December. I either have to work 8 December (which is the Rudolph Fun Run) or 22 December. Because the Santa Hustle is in Galveston, I'm going to want to drive down there the night before.  That means a full day of work until 5PM, dinner, then an hour or so drive. Tiring, but doable. (Plus I would have a couple days off afterwards.)

The second, and lesser, consideration is What To Wear!

From what I know, wearing the race shirt on the day is a n00b move. Except that the pictures seem to indicate the organizers encourage this. In general, I've been thinking about wearing variations of the Wonder Woman costume for a year of races, and then add variety. In spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about this, I've decided:

  • If I run this by myself, I will wear the Wonder Woman costume + Santa hat.**
  • If I run this with my family, I'll try to coordinate something more Christmas-y with Mister and the Miss. (I'm sensing a look at Sparkle Skirts.) Plus decorate the heck out of the jogging stroller.*** Many photo ops and prize possibilities.

Either way, this is going to be a good Christmas. But stop me before I sign up for more.****

* Unless, of course, it gets moved to Epiphany. Why don't we do that?
** I'm going to have to think of some cold weather options, as we have actually had snow during this time of year. Or it could be high 70s. Just depends.
*** Before you judge, she still fits, and it would be easier to push than a wagon. Plus I think she would have more fun participating this way than just hanging out.
**** I don't mean that.