Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just Between Us Girls

This post is for the girls. You boys, please follow the PE teacher to the gym where you will play an excessively rough game of dodge ball.

Thank you.

Janie, will you hit the lights? This film is only for us ladies.


I have one other thing in common with Wonder Woman aside from being a cute brunette. Namely, a massive rack.

This was my biggest excuse for not running. I made such a joke about it that now when I mention that I actually run, people don’t believe me. Yes, I tried the trick of doubling and tripling up sports bras. But since summer mornings here are usually low to mid 80s, I would get ridiculously overheated just during the warm up, much less the run.

But here’s the secret, thanks to information from a couple colleagues: Enell.* This baby looks like a Kevlar vest, and has eleven--it goes to 11!--clasps up the front. And nothing moves. No.Thing.

And now I am free to run.**

A friend (and another baby runner) bought one on my recommendation. We began discussing it at lunch in tones normally reserved for cult converts. It is that life changing.

By the by, since I've got you girls together, if you are endowed with Huge Tracts of Land as I am, I cannot recommend Busty Girl Comics more; not only do I love the funny-cuz-it's-true humor, there are frequently great discussions regarding bra brands and sizing. And, because I believe in equal opportunity, there's a comic for the opposite end of the spectrum.

The point is, women, love who you are. Let's work together to have strong bodies and support each other. Go, girl!

*This is not meant to be a commercial. This is just what works for me. Unless, Enell wants to use me as a spokesperson and provide me with free products. Then, this is totally a commercial.
** Oh, and I also lost four inches off my bust this past year too! I may actually realize the dream of buying a bra in the normal part of the alphabet.