Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today's Run

C25K Week 4 Day 2 was the template. Runs are a long way from solid. At this point, I need to keep the focus on getting it right rather than getting it done. This can be a difficult mindset for me as usually the two coincide.

I know I can go the distance. I can work on the discipline since I know I won't fail come October.

My longest steady run was about 2 minutes--a long way from 30 seconds when I first started this venture.

My weight loss has finally kickstarted again. I'm down another pound (14lbs. total). I seem to be losing a pound a month, which is really frustrating. But it's permanently off--slow barbecue burn. I can't do this kind of work without something happening.

Heat was low 80s. Moon was a horned crescent when I left the house. Met nice elderly couple who walk about the same time as I go out. Stalled in the park by a doggie meet-and-greet.

Far from perfect, but I'm satisfied.