Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today's Run (or Ow! and Wow! But, Really, Ow!)

Training day--17 minutes walk/run then walk home. Eleven seconds faster than on Monday.* Found my groove pretty quickly and settled in. Came home to my family who seemed to fall into their own school day rhythms, which is comforting on many levels.**

As for tomorrow, we'll see. I'm really feeling yesterday's weight training. By "feeling," I mean my thighs/obliques/arms are screaming at me. During the run, it was fine, if a little achy around the edges. However, walking from the garage to work (and during my shifts and up stairs) is uncomfortable. I guess that means tomorrow is a forced rest day.***

Friday I'll do a free run (no timer, just running when I feel like it). On Sunday I'm scheduled to run 1.5 miles.

A little less than two months to go.

* I blame a stall on doggie poop.
** My husband is awesomesauce.
***Maybe I could get a little walk in. I really love the solitary time. Plus the dog was so glad to go this morning. Plus I'll be going out to eat tomorrow evening.