Monday, August 20, 2012

Today's Walk (or Reflecting on the Summer)

Easy does it sort of walk today--the kind that makes me especially reflective.

It occurs to me that I've been getting out and doing some kind of activity nearly every day since May. I usually go out between 5-8am (depending on my work schedule). I've loved watching subtle changes in the season--or at least as much as an urban dweller can observe. There are the natural changes--time of dawn, phases of the moon, position of the stars (the few I can see), migrations of birds. There are the man-made seasonal changes too--frequency of schoolbuses and arena lights for preseason football training.* There are changes in my body, as well. Good changes. Shifting of muscles. Clothes that fit differently.

I wanted to get my walk in early today. My daughter's day care is closed today for teacher training, and Mister has to be in court, so I took a day off from work. It's my Girl's last week before Kindergarten. We have to finish getting supplies and things ready for school. We also have to think about shifts in schedules.

But mostly, I don't want to miss this season in her life.

*This is Texas, after all.