Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday Through Tuesday OR The Dog Ate My Extra Hour of Sleep and Probably My Enthusiasm Too

Let's call this the down side of my mood swing.

Last week was tough in terms of getting going. I did my run days, and I walked the "off" days, but getting out of bed has been icky. Got up Sunday and did my 3+ miles in around 43 minutes (lots of unenthusiastic walking). Similar non-running story today (only worse time). I Made it to the Y yesterday for a swim; much training with the water weights. But my enthusiasm is at a minimum right now.

It's not just the running where motivation is low; it's a lot of aspects of my life. I'm at a typically low point in my hormonal cycle.* Work is not all that great right now. Parenting is ... well, parenting. Puppy training is ... well, puppy training. I'm uninspired in my crafting. I'm drifting from fluffy book to fluffy book. I'm dreading planning for the holidays. What I really would like to do is sleep; if sleep is not forthcoming (as it hasn't been much these days), then I'd like to zone out. It's that Matthew Sanford quote: "There's a small death when you realize that adult life is deeply repetitive."

I guess the point is that I didn't want to get up and go, but I did it anyway. Wheeee, I'm an inspiration.

But seriously, it is important to me to recognize the lows as well as the highs because it reminds me that most things are pretty cyclical. The low points are not forever, but neither are the highs. I'm hoping to learn what I can where I am.

* It's stupid that this affects me so much, but at least I've gotten to the point that I recognize it for what it is.