Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today's Run OR Cheaper Than Therapy

I need to rethink Thanksgiving weekend. The day itself is usually good after we scramble to figure out our plans (and I do no food prep except for the occasional baking--that's all Mister). The day after is a little ... blank. Part of it is post-rush let-down. Part of it is a self-imposed house arrest to avoid shopping crowds. Part of it is an annual sadness that lurks in the corners; I try not to stare at it and make it bigger. And then I usually have to work that Saturday (as I do this year).

All this to say that, even though it made getting ready a little tight this morning, I really needed to run. Another brain-turned-off-follow-the-intervals-but-not-push outing. So, speed sucked. But oddly enough, I made a PR for longest distance in a week. Unexpected, that.

But I really need to figure out a new tradition for the Friday that follows Thanksgiving. If I've learned nothing else from this venture, it's that change rarely "just happens." Intention is involved.